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In the Face of Presumptions

In the Face of Presumptions by the acclaimed American artist and illustrator Barry Moser presents one of those rare instances whereby a highly and widely regarded artist shares the inner thoughts and awareness that in turn inspire visual and literary concepts. Each chapter reveals the necessary acumen and grit of daily living transformed into meaningful and fully accesible paragraphs of language, which in turn engage the reader allowing us to see the bigger picture through the eyes of an artist.

In an age of self-vaunted and pretentious autobiographies and personnal essays, Mr. Moser's writing is a uniquely refreshing departure that is imminently cogent, down-to-earth, humorous at times, and sprinkled with wit that has endeared him to readers, and collectors of art and fine press books from his Pennyroyal Press imprints such as the Alice books, Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz and his most recent magnum opus The Pennyroyal Caxton Bible complete with over two hundred engraved prints illustrate painted speech at its best.

The array of subjects and incidents discussed by the author in his book have touches of Goethe, old Huck himself, and James Thurber with an emphasis on life's daily affairs and an honest sharing of the creative output of others whom have provided sources of inspiration and introspection in his work,

The publisher, David Godine, has again given us a fine publication for everyman.