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My Works

In the Face of Presumptions

...and as a writer Moser is as passionate and as engaged (and engaging) as he is as an artist. Here is a rich selection of his prose, his essays, his speeches, and even his letters and journal entries, all concerning his work as a working artist...
...the words are from the heart, but the conclusions derive from experience.

Wood Engraving: The Art of Wood Engraving & Relief Engraving

From the artist who Nicholas Basbanes calls "the most important book illustrator working in America today" comes a primer on the art of wood engraving, a pursuit one can "learn" in less than an hour but can master only through years of persistence, dedication, and tenacity.

The Three Little Pigs

The popular story of the three little pigs who set out to seek their fortunes in the wide, wide world gets a fresh and funny treatment from Barry Moser. Each pig in turn builds a house -- one of straw, the next of sticks, and the last of bricks -- only to be visited by a hungry wolf determined to eat him up! Hilarious illustrations brimming with sly humor bring the story to a whole new level of entertainment as the wicked wolf gets his comeuppance from the smartest pig of all.